1. Do I have to have experience in direct sales, social media or home parties?
No, but if you are driven, a self-starter, and have a desire to learn and help others, you could a rockstar!

2. Do I have to purchase a kit?

No, but we offer a few fabulous starter kits or a 50% off code for a one time purchase to build your own kit. You can use one or the other once in your first 30 days.

4. How would I get parties?
I would ask your  friends and family first, then your social media and ask for party swaps with other direct sales representatives. Make a list of people you know and  work it.

5. How much will I make?
You are in control of how much money you will earn. Since you are your own boss, you have that flexibility -- if you want to earn more, simply book more parties and sponsor new team members. You are responsible for your own success.

6. How will I get paid?
You are paid by paypal every Friday, a week in arrears, when you have a minimum of $10.00 owed to you.

7. Do I have to recruit?
No, you  may choose to recruit if you would like to create another stream of income, or if you enjoy a leadership role.

8. Do I have to carry an inventory?
That is up to you! We want to make it easy for you. Not having to carry stock means none of your own money is tied up in inventory.

9. How much support will I receive?

We do offer free training, a Facebook group to  support you and connect with other Romance Specialists. We are here for you. 

10. Is there a sales quota?
No. Unlike many other party companies, there is no quota or fees.  Do a party once a month, once a week, or once a year! Of course, the more parties you book, the more you'll make. So whether this is what you do as your main source of income, something you do to supplement your current job  or something you do for fun while making some extra money, it's entirely up to you.

11. Will I have to pack and deliver the orders myself?
You may carry your own inventory, or you may use our drop-ship program. All of the discreetly packaged orders will ship directly to your host or the party guest themselves.

12. Am I responsible for paying for the Hostess Rewards?
Of course not. We do that for you.

13. What about graphics  and information about our products.  We have that for you too!

14. I sell products for another pleasure company. Is that against Diva Kitten’s Terms and Conditions?

No, but it is confusing to your customers. You will succeed faster if you pick one company and focus on it. 

15. What if I find that it's not a fit for me?
We understand that not every business is for everyone. If you find it may not be a fit for you right now, you are free to resign.